Freyberg High School
Enrolment Infomation

Follow these three steps to enrol your child at Freyberg High School

For International Students, go to International Page

Step 1 - Gather Documentation

Freyberg High School accepts enrolment applications on-line or, (if necessary), via a printed enrolment form. Both methods require you to provide the following documentation(on-line applications require scanned copies to be attached during the process):

1. Student's Birth Certificate or Passport(If these are NOT New Zealand documents, please supply either confirmation of New Zealand Citizenship or a passport with valid student/resident's visa.

2. Any legal documents relevant to guardianship or access rights where the parent is not the caregiver or has limited access rights.

3. Student's most recent school report.

4. When applying for an In-Zone enrolment please supply two documents showing that the parent/legal guardian currently resides within our school zone.(e.g. electricity account, Tenancy Agreement)

Enrolment Zone Palmerston North Map

Enrolment Zone Manawatū Map

Step 2 - Read Freyberg High School's Terms and Conditions

Step 3 -  Enrol online or Enrol with a Physical Form