The Salamander

The Salamander (lizard-like amphibian) has been adopted as Freyberg High School’s icon along with Freyberg’s Crest
and the phrase “Virtute et Honore”. The salamander has a reputation for being able to survive the heat of a fire.

​​​​​​​The Salamander and Freyberg

The salamander was chosen as a mascot for the school as this was a nickname given to Bernard Freyberg by Winston Churchill
during the second world war. Churchill referred to Lt General Freyberg VC as “my salamander”, when discussing various
regiments of his fighting force.

Achievements of Lt General Freyberg:

Fought in both world wars, commanding the New Zealand Force in the second world war.
Won the Victoria Cross for bravery.
Was wounded nine times in battle but was clearly a survivor.
Was awarded the rank of Lieutenant General and later Governor General of New Zealand