Compulsory classes and options choices

Year 9

Compulsory: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, and Physical Education

Choose: four options/electives to study for a term each.

Year 10

Compulsory: English, Social Studies, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Health

Choose: four options/electives to study for two terms each.

Year 11

Compulsory: English, Mathematics, Science.

Choose: three options/electives.

Year 12

Compulsory: English (If missed L1 Literacy or intending to go to University).

Choose: Five options/electives. Mathematics is not compulsory but highly recommended as one of these options.

Year 13

Compulsory: nothing (unless L2 literacy isn’t achieved).

Choose: five options/electives and free period.

Junior School Curriculum

Students in Years 9 and 10 take English, Social Studies, Information Technology, Mathematics, Science, Physical Education and Health Studies and choose either 4 (Year 9) or 2 (Year 10) options from a range of other subjects.

The Year 9 Junior Certificate and Year 10 Junior Diploma have been developed to help motivate and guide junior students in their preparation for NCEA. These Junior qualifications encourage both academic Achievements as well as Attitudes and work habits that will ensure students are prepared for the senior school.

Junior Diploma Downloads:

πŸ“₯  Junior Diploma Information Booklet
- (PDF 300KB)

πŸ“₯  Junior Diploma Summary
- (PDF 170KB)

Senior School Curriculum

Senior students have a much wider choice of 5 or 6 subjects from a set of 35 options offered in the senior school. The options cover…

  • Languages: Spanish, Japanese, English, Maori and ESOL.

  • Sciences: Mathematics (Calculas and Statistics), Biology, Chemistry, Physics.

  • Humanities: Social Sciences, Tourism, Geography, History and Classical Studies.

  • Health: Physical Education, Health Studies, Sport and Recreation.

  • Arts: Music, Dance, Drama, Art, Design, Painting, Art History and Photography.

  • Practical Subjects: Food & Nutrition, Computer Science, Graphics and Hard Materials Technology.

  • Commerce: Text Information Management, Economics and Business Studies.

New Zealand Qualifications

New Zealand’s qualification system (NCEA) is gaining international recognition as a world leader in standards based assessment. Senior Students undertake a mixture of β€œInternal” assessments throughout the year and β€œExternal” Examinations at the end of the year all for a set number of credits.

By international agreement, the New Zealand Qualifications Authority ensures that New Zealand qualifications are transferable to the United Kingdom, United States, Australia and Canada.

  • NCEA Level 1 – Year 11

  • NCEA Level 2 – Year 12

  • NCEA Level 3 – Year 13

Sporting Opportunities
The school has sports teams in over 20 different summer sports and winter sports including:​​​​​​​




Canoe polo







Inline Hockey

Lawn Bowls





Sevens Rugby


Table Tennis


Touch Rugby

Volley Ball

Water Polo

Other Sports

Field Trips

Students have opportunities to participate in several field trips which take them to places like:

  • Waitomo Caves – Rock climbing and caving.

  • Tongariro trip – tramping, plant and land-form studies, and skiing.

  • Local Marae – Native Māori cultural experience including cultural food, song and crafts.

  • Kiwi Summer Holiday Trip, Rotorua – water skiing, boating, swimming, tramping – a classic NZ holiday.

  • Rock Climbing trip

  • Horse Riding – at various times throughout the year at Te Apiti.
  • Plus much more! Contact us for more details.