Welcome to the Junior English Page!

Welcome to the Junior English page where we share and celebrate Year 9 and Year 10 learning! In English, our goal is to help nurture students into 21st Century leaders by ensuring they have the skills to communicate in our modern world. We value diversity, creativity, diligence, and giving activities our best shot. If you require any additional information, please feel free to email our English Department teachers via the emails shared on our English home page or Staff Directory.

Check out these amazing internet safety and digital citizenship posters by Year 9 ākonga!

Beginning to end: Tatiana Sokolava, Juliette Green, William Lyne

An important life skill in our digital age is the ability to identify reliable research. One of the Freyberg Year 10 projects has been to research a topic and educate their classmates on it. Below is an example of Zenth McRoberts' work, who focused on overpopulation.


An important English skill is formal writing. Freyberg's Year 10 students have an opportunity to practice this skill through a character study. The students below went above and beyond Year 10 essay writing expectations in their close analysis of characters from Taika Waititi's Thor Ragnorok film.