BYOD School

As of 2016, Freyberg High School became a fully BYOD school, where each student is required to bring a device.

For recommendations about what devices to buy please
Click here.

Replacement Computers

Our library has 65 laptops available for students that struggle to have a working device in class. A student will need to go to the library to borrow a device in the morning, then return it in the afternoon.

The library devices need to be returned each day if your child wants to borrow one for the next day.

Please Note: If you are struggle to provide a basic device for your child, you can contact your child's academic leader for some other options:

Year 9 Academic Leader - Deborah Littley

Year 10 Academic Leader - Bronwyn Cook

Year 11 Academic Leader - Kahui Watling

Year 12 Academic Leader - Bernard Harris

Year 13 Academic Leader - Ange O'Connor

Specialist Labs

Specialised computer labs are provided in the art and digital technology departments for purposes such as image manipulation, video editing,
recording radio programmes, and mixing music.

Digital Technology Labs

The digital technology department at Freyberg High School has two labs for students undertaking digital technology. the computer science lab has basic machines capable of running Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop. This lab is primarily used for computer science and web/app development.

The digital media lab has specialist high powered computers, that are capable of of rendering complex 3D animations. They are equipped with modern graphics cards, CPU's and solid state drives to give a commercial level of media production.

Both labs have the Adobe Creative Cloud Installed, as well as a variety of media/computer science software packages.

Robotics Lab

The robotics lab which is located at the back of E3, has two high powered computers alongside equipment for students to build their own robot from scratch or enter the national Vex Robotics competition.

Visual Design Lab

The visual design suite is located in the Art Block (N block) and has new high powered computers for the use of creating graphics and art digitally. It comes with the full Adobe Creative Cloud Installed and drawing tablets.

School Wi-Fi

School Wi-Fi is available to all students for all devices, we work hard to provide quality uninterrupted internet connection that is monitored and restricted.