​​​​​​​Board of Trustees

The Board of Trustees tries to contribute to the special character of the school by providing a forum where the values, vision and strategic thinking of the staff and leadership team can be rehearsed and reviewed.

The themes of student engagement and student driven participation are a special strength of Freyberg. These themes are complemented by the school’s commitment to develop the best in its students through participation in sports, music, dance, drama, kapa haka and the cultural heritage of it’s community.​​​​​​​

Freyberg is committed to the academic development of its students. The focus on improving their overall performance in NCEA literacy and numeracy is evident in the deliberate strategies being adopted by the staff to self evaluate and review teaching and learning practices within the school.

This is a healthy forward looking school with a diverse range of student needs. It provides unique support structures for its students and fosters a positive learning environment.   


Our Board of Trustees members are:

Graeme Williams - Principal

Laura Bennett - Presiding Member

Sarah Spillane

Chris Duurentijdt

Stephen Hansen

Haimona Maruera

Matthew Conger

Belinda Bidois

Brooke Batley - Staff Rep

Isla Ryan - Student Rep



Thursday 29th February  - Full Reports​​​​​​​

Thursday 28th March - Strategic 

Thursday 23rd May - Full Reports

Thursday 27th June - Strategic

Thursday 15th August - Full Reports

Thursday 12th September - Strategic

Thursday 7th November - Full Reports

​​​​​​​Thursday 5th December - Strategic