Uniform Code

In 2015 a new uniform was introduced at year 9. The uniform was reviewed and updated considering comfort, cost, and appearance, whilst maintaining affordability and the school’s navy and gold colours.

We like to see students take pride in their appearance. Our uniform identifies the wearer with the school and we encourage our students to always look well presented. We are very conscious of the cost of education and have endeavoured to keep expenditure to a minimum. In order to do that we stock the uniform in the school (uniform can only be purchased from the school).


Maximum of one in each ear. Discreet silver or gold studs or sleepers only

Facial piercings:
Not permitted, even if covered. 

As a te Tiriti school, students may wear visible taonga as a necklace. The only other jewellery allowed is a wristwatch

No hats, caps or beanies to be worn at all times, except for a wide-brimmed hat that can be worn for outside activities only

Freyberg scarf may be worn but not in class

Make up:
No makeup or nail polish
​​​​​​​Plain black or blue headbands can be worn

Hair Styles:
​​​​​​​Extreme hairstyles are not acceptable. This may include dyed hair, dreadlocks, Mohawks.
Uniform Items

Regulation Freyberg jacket only may be worn.

Jersey or Cardigan:
Regulation navy jersey, with salamander on front. Navy regulation cardigan with salamander on front.

Shirt or Blouse:
Navy regulation short-sleeved shirt with a gold salamander on the sleeve. A blue or black v or crew neck short-sleeved polyprop may be worn tucked underneath and sleeves should not be visible    

White regulation short sleeve shirt with a white salamander on the collar. A white v-neck or crew-neck short-sleeved polyprop may be worn, tucked in underneath, and sleeves should not be visible.

Shorts or Trousers or Skirt:
Regulation grey shorts with salamander label above the back pocket    
Regulation grey trousers with salamander label above the back pocket
​​​​​​​Regulation knee-length navy skirt with salamander on waistband

Socks or Socks or Tights:
​​​​​​​Freyberg regulation socks    
Plain black ankle socks only (not knee-high)
​​​​​​​Plain black tights can be worn with shoes under the skirt

PE shirts & Shorts:
​​​​​​​Freyberg regulation PE shirt or Freyberg regulation coloured shirt may be worn if students belong to the Sports Academy    
Freyberg regulation PE shorts

Regulation uniform can only be purchased from the Freyberg High School student centre


Correct Shoes

Shoes: Flat black shoes that are not higher than the ankle. Any motif or logo must also be black. Shoes also must have an enclosed heel.

Sandals: Black roman sandals with back strap up and worn without socks.

Physical Education

Navy, sublimated shirt.  

Blue shorts

​​​​​​​Sports shoes


Year 12 and 13 Mufti requirements

In Years 12 and 13 students are expected to dress in a way that respects the culture and values of the school and meets health and safety requirements. Consequently:

  • No offensive slogans

  • Covered shoes and appropriate clothing in specialist rooms.

  • No caps or beanies but a wide brimmed hat may be worn outside for sun protection.
  • Hoodies may be worn but should only be up if it is raining.