Lunch In Schools Programme

Freyberg High School has implemented the Free and Healthy School Lunches programme which started on the 18th October 2021, initially with cold lunches.       

In 2024, the new commercial kitchen will be completed and then students will have hot lunches as well.

All students are entitled to receive a free and healthy school lunch every day that school is open. We will be delivering 1,100 healthy and nutritious meals each day to our students, although there is absolutely no obligation for all students to have these lunches. Students can still choose to bring their own lunch to school.

Students will still be able to purchase some food items and drinks from a smaller canteen at interval. With this in mind, we would encourage students to bring their own morning tea, which they can eat between 11:00am and 11:20am.

We have breakfast available every day in the Cafe, where students can access food before school if they are hungry and have not had anything prior to school starting in the morning.

Students who have special dietary requirements are asked to inform the student centre as soon as possible. They will need to complete the MOE Specialised Diet form available from the Student Centre to ensure an appropriate lunch can be made for the student.