Deaf Ed

This facility is purpose-built for students who are Deaf. It is a quiet environment with a loop system, a visual alarm system, wooden floors for feedback through vibration, and appropriate lighting.

Programmes are personalised to meet students’ individual learning requirements. Students attend regular classes and specialist staff (teachers and Deaf Communicators) provide additional support in class as required.

Specialist teachers are trained in all aspects of hearing loss and maintain strong networks with other support services, such as van Asch Deaf Education Centre and the Deaf Association of New Zealand. A Deaf Mentor provides an important additional dimension.

Resource Teacher of the Deaf (RTD)

A part-time resource teacher is based in the Deaf Education Centre. The RTD is available to assist identified Freyberg students, and visits are also made to other schools in the area, supporting Deaf and hearing-impaired students in their local schools.
Assistance from the RTD may include pre-teaching of new topics, consolidation of classwork, provision of additional resources to assist learning, and assistance with curriculum adaptation.