Freyberg High has a comprehensive range of facilities with over 60 classrooms including:

  • 10 Computer laboratories and 375 desktop computers throughout the school.

  • 3 Art Rooms, Design room and Photography suite.

  • 9 Science Laboratories.

  • 2 modern Food Laboratories.

  • A ‘Bilingual‘ Māori Language Unit.

  • 2 Gymnasia and a Weights Room with weight training facilities.

  • A covered heated swimming pool. (Freyberg Community Pool – External Site)

  • A Music Suite consisting of 3 classrooms,6 practice/rehearsal rooms and a recording studio.

  • 2 fully equipped Drama Rooms and a Dance Studio.
  • A well-equipped Library with own online Library .

Video of our Facilities


BYOD School

As of 2016, Freyberg High School became a fully BYOD school, where each student is required to bring a device.For recommendations about what devices to buy please Click here.

Computers and Computer Labs​​​​​​​

Specialised computer labs are provided in the art and digital technology departments for purposes such as image manipulation, video editing,recording radio programmes, and mixing music.

Digital Technology Labs

The digital technology department at Freyberg High School has two labs for students undertaking digital technology. the computer science lab has basic machines capable of running Adobe products such as Adobe Photoshop. This lab is primarily used for computer science and web/app development.

The digital media lab has specialist high powered computers, that are capable of of rendering complex 3D animations. They are equipped with modern graphics cards, CPU's and solid state drives to give a commercial level of media production.Both labs have the Adobe Creative Cloud Installed, as well as a variety of media/computer science software packages.

Robotics Lab

The robotics lab which is located at the back of E3, has two high powered computers alongside equipment for students to build their own robot from scratch or enter the national Vex Robotics competition.

Visual Design Lab

The visual design suite is located in the Art Block (N block) and has new high powered computers for the use of creating graphics and art digitally. It comes with the full Adobe Creative Cloud Installed and drawing tablets.

School Wi-Fi

School Wi-Fi is available to all students for all devices, we work hard to provide quality uninterrupted internet connection that is monitored and restricted.


The Science department has nine fully equipped Science labs. 

At Freyberg students can study Science from Year 9 to Year 13, with Biology, Chemistry, Earth and Space Science, and Physics all available in both Year 12 and 13. A variety of courses are offered at Year 11 to allow for differing needs of students to be met.

The junior science programme for Year 9 and 10, focuses on developing students understanding of the Nature of Science strand of the New Zealand Curriculum, using real world contexts which relate to students lives as contexts in which to develop thier understanding of the Nature of Science but also content knowledge of science. Students are likely to be familiar with the Science Capabilities from their science work at Primary and Intermediate, and we continue to develop these skills.

Each learning block will focus on a particular science capability, namely:

  • gathering and interpreting data
  • using evidence
  • interpreting representations
  • critiquing evidence
  • engaging with science

More information about the science capabilities is provided below.

Students with a passion for science are encouraged to join the Freyberg S.T.E.M. Academy, which provides students the opportunity to explore their passion further with an external mentor, and develop a project which will provide them a CREST Award, from the Royal Society of New Zealand. Students also compete in the Tournement of Minds, and other competitions which come up during the year.

Mairi Borthwick is the HOD Science at Freyberg and works with a team of 12 highly qualified and enthusiastic Science educators. 

Performing Arts

The Freyberg Performing Arts Faculty includes Dance, Drama and Music. It offers specialised tuition and performance opportunities through both in-school and after-school programmes.

Exciting opportunities are offered through the Performing Arts Academies: Dance Academy, Drama Academy and Music Academy.


Freyberg’s Music Suite currently consists of 3 classrooms, a rehearsal room, 5 practice rooms, a recording studio and computers available for music composition.

Performance Music is a class offered to Years 9-13. An Introduction to Music course is available to Junior students and, in the Senior school, achievement standards are offered.

Through the Applied Performance programme, every student at Freyberg has the opportunity to learn the musical instrument of their choice and participate in the wide range of school music groups.

There are a range of music groups at Freyberg, including concert bands, a jazz and brass bands, choirs, chamber groups and rock groups. Musical productions are regularly staged, and every 2-3 years Freyberg undertakes a major music trip.


Freyberg’s Drama Facilities currently consist of 3 classrooms (one which is fitted out as a fully functional theatre space), various breakout spaces for rehearsal, a fully-stocked costume room and dressing rooms, and we have access to our state-of-the-art performance space in the Hall. This space - and our D1 black box theatre - is equipped with full professional lighting and sound technology, which continues to be updated to provide the best experiences for our FHS Tech Crew.


Freyberg's Dance Facilities feature two thoughtfully designed dance studios, each equipped with mirrors, ballet barres, and wooden floors. Furthermore, one of these studios can be transformed into a performance stage. Various breakout areas, a costume loft, and dressing rooms complement these spaces to enhance the overall dance experience. With multiple spaces available, our Academy groups can rehearse simultaneously.