Special Education

Freyberg High School provides opportunities for all students with special learning requirements to discover and develop their individual strengths and talents. Our excellent facilities and programmes are a hallmark of the school.​​​​​​​

They include:

  • The Deaf Education Centre: offering programmes to meet Deaf and hearing-impaired students’ requirements.

  • The Craig Centre: catering for students requiring fully individualised support.

  • The Transition Flat: enabling young adults with significant support needs to gain independence in life skills.

  • He Puna Tautoko (HPT): providing environments to meet curriculum demands whilst focusing on life skills.

  • Our Te Whiri Koko RTLB and Specialist Resource Teachers provide additional support to some selected mainstream students.                                                        
  • Specialist Support: In discussion with whanau, staff and specialists referrals are made and specialists are contracted to support the learning needs of the students.  Specialist such as Physiotherapists, Speech Language Therapists, Occupational Therapists, Educational Psychologists, Behaviour Support specialists, Autism Specialists, Transition Agencies, Sensory Providers and Mana Whaikaha are contracted at Freyberg. Specialists provide feedback to whanau and school through written reports, meetings and professional development opportunities. They work within the guidelines of the Specialist Service Standards and school policies.

Deaf Ed

This facility is purpose-built for students who are Deaf. It is a quiet environment with a loop system, a visual alarm system, wooden floors for feedback through vibration, and appropriate lighting.

Programmes are personalised to meet students’ individual learning requirements. Students attend regular classes and specialist staff (teachers and Deaf Communicators) provide additional support in class as required.

Specialist teachers are trained in all aspects of hearing loss and maintain strong networks with other support services, such as van Asch Deaf Education Centre and the Deaf Association of New Zealand. A Deaf Mentor provides an important additional dimension.

Resource Teacher of the Deaf (RTD)

A part-time resource teacher is based in the Deaf Education Centre. The RTD is available to assist identified Freyberg students, and visits are also made to other schools in the area, supporting Deaf and hearing-impaired students in their local schools.Assistance from the RTD may include pre-teaching of new topics, consolidation of classwork, provision of additional resources to assist learning, and assistance with curriculum adaptation.

Craig Centre

This specialist centre has a dedicated and highly experienced staff catering for students requiring fully individualised support at school. Facilities include therapy and relaxation spaces, lovely bright classrooms with an attached student kitchen/dining area and a spa pool. Staff based at the centre coordinate and facilitate students’ education by providing:

  • Specialised Individual Education Plans and Programmes
  • A holistic, inclusive education with full in-class support
  • A supportive, well resourced environment
  • Close home-school liaison
  • Specialist staff and specialised equipment​​​​​​​
  • Specialist therapy programmes as required

Transition Flat

“The Flat”

The Flat caters for young adults with significant support needs who are in the process of transitioning from school into the community.

The programme involves:

  • Work Experience
  • Participation in the community for work and leisure, such as using buses and taxis, personal safety, accessing libraries, gyms, parks and pools
  • SPEC programmes focussing on transitioning to the community and life skills
  • Household skills such as cooking, cleaning, laundry and budgeting
  • Physical fitness programmes​​​​​​​
  • Specialist therapy programmes as required

He Puna Tautoko (HPT)

He Puna Tautoko (HPT)

This centre provides a  “home-room” environment catering for individual student’s learning needs. Students with significant learning needs are based in the centre where they participate in curriculum subjects that build their literacy and numeracy skills. They also attend wider school classes.

Students are encouraged to be responsible for their own learning. They learn to use their initiative, to be well organised, to be independent and to work to the best of their ability. The development of confidence and self-esteem is fostered in a positive environment where students can achieve success at their own level.

Teaching and support staff, parents/caregivers and whanau, and community resource personnel work together towards positive educational outcomes for each student.