Drama Academy

If you enjoy working in a team, taking and giving direction, thinking outside the box, performing to a variety of audiences and collaborating with others in a supportive space – our academy is for you!

Freyberg High School’s Drama Academy welcomes all ākonga who have a passion for and want to extend their ability in the performing arts, as well as acting on screen and stage. Members of the Drama Academy are involved in our biannual major school production and have a variety of acting opportunities in community events, such as the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare Festival and Interschool Theatresports Competition.

The academy is made up of ākonga from all year levels and allows our young performers to work with those who they might not have had the opportunity to do so during class time. Many members are offered leadership roles within the academy, which allows individuals to develop confidence and build strong relationships with their peers.

In 2024, the Drama Academy will meet weekly on Mondays from 3:15pm - 5:15pm.

If you wish to apply for the Drama Academy, please indicate this by ticking the Drama Academy box on your FHS enrolment form.

You will be contacted by email inviting you to audition.

  • If you would like to audition for the Drama Academy please be in contact with our Performing Arts Coordinator, Lottie Perry. Please either see her in person, or e-mail perryl@freyberg.ac.nz. Auditions are in Term Four, to be part of the Academy the following year. Ākonga from Years 8-13 may apply.
  • In a major school production year (bi-annually), ākonga are required to audition for this, in order to join the academy. In a non-major school production year, auditions require ākonga to perform an organised monologue of one-minute in length and to respond to an improvisation prompt. Auditions will be held with the Drama Academy Director.
  • Ākonga in Drama Academy must take Drama as a subject, have a positive and excited attitude towards drama, uphold the Drama Academy policy document and contribute to all activities that are covered throughout our year. The opportunities we expect ākonga to be involved in currently are; the Sheilah Winn Shakespeare festival, Drama Academy showcases and our bi-annual musical production. Opportunities do not always ask ākonga to act, they can direct or participate in technical roles.
  • Throughout the year we give opportunities to attend performances outside of Freyberg, and whilst these are not mandatory, we do expect ākonga to be excited to attend performances that will extend their experience with the performing arts.
  • Ākonga who participate in Drama Academy receive Bronze, Silver and Gold awards for their participation and these are based on their leadership throughout their time at school.

Jess Brogan - Drama Academy Director

Lottie Perry - Performing Arts Coordinator