​​​​​​​Sports Academy

The Freyberg Sports Academy provides a specially designed programme for sportspersons who want to improve their sporting performance. Entry into the Academy is by application. Past students have achieved at both the national and international level. The sports academy is aimed at students in Years 9 -11, but senior students are also welcome.

Mission Statement:

The FHS Sports Academy aims to assist students in developing the fundamental skills to be able to excel in their chosen sport. During the three years we aim to empower the students with the skills and knowledge to be able to train effectively now and in the future through: teaching students how to train safely by applying the core principles of training, examining personal performance, using sport psychology and nutrition to gain an advantage.

The programme is designed to give students a variety of wide-reaching experiences to support them in their sport.

The academy targets students who have a proven ability in sport as well as those that are passionate and wanting to get to the next level.

How it works:

To be accepted into the Sports Academy, students must demonstrate a desire to succeed in their chosen field and have an excellent attitude towards school.

The Academy will not: increase workload or pressure on members but will help them provide a balance between their sporting, academic and family commitments.

Academy sessions run three times a week and student are expected to attend at least ONE training session per week.

Sessions run on a Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday from 8.15 till 9am

How to apply:

Students must indicate their interest by ticking the sports academy box when enrolling and email a C.V including the following:

  • Sporting achievements
  • Strength and attributes
  • Contribution to sport
  • Personal goals
  • Reasons for wanting to be in the Sports Academy
  • At least 2 references


Please email your C.V to HarrisonP@freyberg.ac.nz

A reminder letter will be emailed regarding C.V details once enrolment has been confirmed for FHS.

Once students have applied and emailed their C.V students and caregivers will be emailed to invite them to attend a testing afternoon. The testing afternoon allows us to look at the attributes the athlete has to offer including: current fitness levels, interpersonal skills, attitude and work ethic.

Once testing has been completed if the student is successful they will be emailed and invited to join the sports academy.

Rachel Bearda - Sports Academy director